Posted by: SeeEhh | August 28, 2010

The concept of debreifing…

Its beautiful – I love it. When I first started studying, I didn’t understand why all the “gurus” and teachers loved it so much, I mean, it made sense and all – but did they really have to make love to it verbally everytime they talked about it?

Having gone through the SOA process and now going through the UFE, I would proudly like to say that I would love to join their verbal love making session with debriefing. It is by far, the most effective way to learn – anything. As weird as it sounds, I’ve started applying the concept to my daily life. Now, you are thinking one of 2 things:

1) This guy has lost it
2) Big deal, we all learn from our mistakes

Agreed on both points. However, our learning from mistakes is usually based on bigger events, or mistakes we think are meant to be lessons – it is NOT a daily routine. Think about everything you do in a day, and how many things you could improve – well, lets get started. debrief your daily life – have a disciplined, conscious approach to the concept and I really think it can make a big difference.

Don’t believe me? Read this article. Yeah I know, its in PDF format..I’m sorry

Making of an Expert

An excellent article in the Harvard Business Journal – it talks about the fact that experts are made, and not born. As you go through it, you will notice that the secret to becoming an expert according to them, is debriefing.

To people who have never reached a national or international level of competition, it may appear that excellence is simply the result of practicing daily for years or even decades. However, living in a cave does not make you a geologist. Not all practice makes perfect. You need a particular kind of practice—deliberate practice—to develop expertise. When most people practice, they focus on the things they already know how to do. Deliberate practice is different. It entails considerable, specific, and sustained efforts to do something you can’t do well—or even at all.

Question to all past UFE writers – have you applied the concept of debriefing more frequently after having gone through the UFE process?
Question to all current writers – do you think I’ve lost it?


  1. It’s great to see you doing well even if the Big 4 didn’t work out for you (it’s not for everyone).

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